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SS AT Ranking logo 300x291 Top 10 Shortstops of All Time in MLBShortstop has and always will be one of the vital positions in all of baseball. For many years, it was considered a defensive position, but there have been a few select bats that have infiltrated the position. You will see a little bit of both in our All-Time Shortstop rankings. Here it is, from 10 to 1, the Best 10 Shortstops to ever take the field.


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  1. Martin says:

    I still would take Jeter over Ripken because of his intangables and his clutchness. He definitely is in the conversation, but best? Not so sure.

  2. Justin says:

    You severely underrate Barry Larkin, imo.

    He was better than Jeter on defense, career offensive numbers are a wash (OPS+ 116 Larkin, 117 Jeter), both were extremely clutch and lead their teams WS titles, and Larkin actually has an MVP while Jeter has none.

    Also, Ripken gets way too much credit for his durability. Extreme durability and lack of competitive SS’s in your league during a weak era for SS’s don’t exactly make him the greatest of all-time. With that said, however, he should def be in the top 5 given his two MVP’s, ROY, durability, and defense.

    Here is my top 5 all-time SS’s:

    1.) Wagner
    2.) Banks (only 2nd due to longevity at position)
    3.) Larkin (only 3rd due to longevity of career)
    4.) Jeter
    5.) Yount / Ripken

    Fact is, Jeter is the shortstop’s version of Mike Piazza; offensive asset, defensive liability. (And no MVP) No way can he be the greatest of all-time. (unless your a Yankee fan, lol)

    • abrayman says:


      Thanks for the response and sorry for the delay in replying. Hey, these lists are rarely going to please the masses and you make some good points. One thing I will say is that these are taken from a panel so I cannot personally defend everything. Your top 5 is not offline necessarily…and you are obviously a Larkin fan. He was great, no doubt about it. Comparing Jeter to Piazza? First off, Jeter has 5 rings and was a huge reason as to why. I would personally value ring more than MVP’s. Has Jeter not had as long or longer career than Larkin…and still going strong? As far as Ripken being ranked #1, understand this. These are “GM” rankings, and while we might have fantasy ranking coming soon (not all time), we do our all time rankings based on who we would want in the lineup as a GM. Who is going to win for us? A guy that does not whine about a sore toe and that wants to play baseball every day has value. He was no slouch either. I could go on longer but I think that is a good start. Thanks for checking us out and hopefully we have just gotten the conversation started.

  3. dj nappi says:

    hard to compare jeter v wagner. the dutchman played in the deadball era & also played every position except 1 & 2. also, anybody that stood up to Cobb & told him to go to hell earns my respect. but as a native NY’er my opinion is skewed.
    jeter harkens back to #’s 4 &5 -representing the corporate pinstripe attitude, all business, no BS. A class act & a 1st round HOF’er.

    • SportsIrate says:

      It is incredibly hard to compare many of these guys. Who knows how the others would play in different eras. It is one of the magical things about baseball. The arguments will never die…and that is a good thing. I personally tend to lean more towards modern ballplayers and I think players in the future will be even better. They have a leg up learning from the generation before.

  4. Joe corbitt says:

    Hello Pee Wee Reeses. Who does this ranking mostly steriod guys and Yankees in it.

  5. mike says:

    Ripken hit in the .250′s five times in his prime and Jeter has hit over .300 twelve times with 5 gold gloves. Ripken won 2 gold gloves and hit over .300 four times. I don’t get the math on Ripken over Jeter

    • Tom says:

      After all these years, I’ve concluded it’s impossible to pick “the absolute best” in any sport – even by position. However, to me Ripken and Jeter will always be 1/2 or 2/1 because of their leadership. As for the math, don’t forget that Cal hit 431 HRs and had 1,695 RBIs – which many would say makes up for his batting average.

  6. David says:

    Being a shortstop is more than just being an infielder. I have heard many experts talk about this. Many claim their first pick would always be a shortstop, and build around him. The shortstop needs to be strong all the way around. And I have heard many experts claim that if they were picking their team, they would first pick Barry Larkin. This was not of all time though, so this cannot be use to compare him against the likes of Ozzy and Wagner. But Jeter was definitely playing at this time, and he was not picked over Barry.

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